Must-Visit Restaurants in Motor City

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Motor City is a well-known urbanised area and a hotspot for car enthusiasts and motor racing lovers. The famous Dubai Autodrome is situated here, and it draws tourists from all over the world. However, if you’re searching for a nice place to eat, Motor City has a decent variety of restaurants serving a wide variety of cuisines. Let’s find out the best restaurants in Motor City and what they are offering to you.

If you are living in the Motor City, you will be glad to know that some of the best restaurants lie within the range of 10 to 15 minutes distance.

Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Do you like a cheesy bite of crispy pizza with creamy spices and new flavours? Papa Murphy’s offers a wide variety of offerings, from iconic flavours to tasty speciality pizzas, makes it one of Dubai’s most popular takeaway restaurants. From their vast menu, you can also choose a nutritious salad or a quesadilla.

Malak Al Tawouk

Foodies searching for famous Arabian cuisine will love Malak Al Tawouk! You can try other deviations of this famous Lebanese cuisine, such as breaded tawouk, in addition to the traditional tawouk. This cosy Arabian eatery is recognised for its large servings, fast service, and welcoming staff.

Panda Express

Panda Express is also a pocket-friendly eatery in Motor City. It’s a Chinese restaurant that just delivers all the authentic flavours from China.  You can order good and tasty Chinese meals by calling Panda Express or using one of the online food delivery services.

Slider Box

Slider Box is one of the finest eateries for Motor City residents searching for delicious and spicy burgers. You can place your order of tempting burgers, crispy french fries, and sides online or over the phone.

Zaatar W Zeit

You must try Zaatar W Zeit, a well-known Arabian cafe in Motor City that serves a distinctive selection. Begin your day with one of Zaatar W Zeit’s delectable breakfast choices. Try out all of their dishes as you cannot miss out any.

Sumo Sushi & Bento

Hunting for a new way to eat sushi in Dubai? Engage in a delicious Japanese cuisine fest at Sumo Sushi & Bento. Sushi rolls, miyaki, noodles, rice, Japanese curries, and veggie sushi rolls are all available. You can fulfil all your Japanese food cravings here!


Bhoujan, is a highly regarded Indian restaurant in Motor City Dubai, provides amazing Indian culinary exposure. Besides the delicious meaty BBQ, Bhoujan offers a wide range of meals, such as a range of exclusive vegetarian BBQ choices. When going to the Bhoujan in Motor City, don’t forget to try the mouthwatering chaat and pani puri.


If you are a pasta-lover, then there could not be a better food spot for you other than Oregano. The famous Oregano menu provides a wide range of tantalising cuisines. Oregano’s mesmerising dining exposure is enhanced by its exquisitely quick service and dedicated staff.

Little Bangkok

Little Bangkok in Dubai’s Motor City cooks up genuine Thai cuisine. At this famous Motor City cafe, savour the diverse flavours and tastes of one of the most famous Asian cuisines. If you visit this quaint restaurant, make sure to try their delectable and enticing seafood, tom yum prawns, tom kha gai, Thai pad prawn, and masaman beef curry.

Operation Falafel

Operation Falafel is one of Dubai’s most popular falafel restaurants. The vast list at Operation Falafel would not neglect picky foodies. Classic falafel eaten with a serving of sour cream is one of the dishes worth exploring. If you like something a bit more exciting, try the loaded falafel with tomatoes, pine nuts, and sesame seeds.

What are the fast-food options in Motor City?

In Motor City, there are several fast-food restaurants. It includes international joints from around the world, such as Subway, KFC, and Mc Donald’s.

What are the coffee shops or sheesha lounge  options in Motor City?

The majority of popular cafes, such as Starbucks, Costa Coffee, and Cafe Nero, are situated in Motor City. In addition, there are several local classics, such as Friends Avenue Cafe. Some of the most famous shisha cafes in Motor City involve Crumbs Elysee and Exit.

These are some of the finest food options in Motor City. Another great option is Port De La Mer Dubai, other than Motor City, if you want to live in a peaceful area.